Warco DRO for lathes and milling machines

We’ve noticed more and more people keen to fit glass optical digital readout systems to their machines, but found existing systems too expensive to justify, especially for home workshop and small scale engineering businesses.

With that in mind, we introduced an all new glass optical system specifically designed for metalworking lathes and mills at an affordable price.

This system has the added advantage of using small section scales, so where space is tight on smaller machines like the WM 14 / 16 mills or WM 240 / 250 lathes, there is still no space issue.


Because this system is sold for self fitting, there’s a big saving. Each counter two comprehensive manuals – 1x operation instructions and 1x guide to fitting. You can read more about the counter shown above here.

If you aren’t using coolant on your machine and don’t require a waterproof system, even cheaper options than this exist.


This digital readout counter in combination with the corresponding scales is a cheap alternative to the more professional level systems. You can find these here.

Find the full range of digital readout systems at warco.co.uk/dro.

Warco WM 180 lathe unboxing video

We recently received some requests for a video of our WM 180 lathe, so with that in mind it was lucky a customer of ours shared with us this footage of him taking one out of the box.

We thought it was a pretty good introduction to the machine, especially if you haven’t seen one in person yet. It’s only a few minutes long, you can check it out below.

We’re very fond of the WM 180 here. We first introduced it more than 15 years ago as an entry level option and it’s fair to say it has long been amongst most popular small bench top lathes.

We regularly hear back positive reviews from our customers about machines they bought over a decade ago still going strong.

Ideally suited to smaller scale engineering projects, the compact size means it’s most often bought by folks using one as part of a home workshop such as model engineers and hobby metalworkers.

You can find the specs in full here: Warco WM 180 lathe.

Warco machine installation at Prospects College

Prospects College asked us to supply and fit a large workshop as part of their building of a training centre. As one of the most prominent providers of vocational training in South East, Prospects have over 40 years experience of working in partnership with businesses, delivering a range of innovative training courses to meet the skill requirements for the community. We were happy to equip a large setting providing the tools needed for a range of engineering apprenticeships and vocation training.

We offered a fitting that was uniquely tailored to their requirements. Here are some details of the installation.

A range of Warco milling machines loaded onto a truck for delivery
Another truck loaded with mills about to leave for Prospects
Warco milling machines
The milling machines and lathes are all set up and in place after a bespoke Warco installation.
Another angle of the mills in the classroom
The end result with machines ready to use

Now those machines are all being used intensively on a daily basis – training a new generation of future engineers. At Warco we don’t consider any project too large or small, and are always happy to offer a bespoke quote centred around your requirements – whether you’re looking to update a garden shed workshop or want machines for a large scale installation in an industry or education setting.

You can find our full product range on the Warco site, and please feel free to let us know if you have an enquiry or if you’re after a specific quote.

Warco at the London Model Engineering Exhibition 2015

This January sees the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace.


With over a thousand models on display, lectures and some of the finest quality model engineering displays in the country, it promises to be another top weekend.

The Warco stand at the London Model Engineering Exhibition

The event will be well worth paying a visit if you’re in and around the south east and are interested in model engineering.


We will be exhibiting with a large stand, bringing along the majority of our lathes and milling machines, as well as bandsaws, grinders, polishers and sheet metal tools. We will also have a huge range of smaller engineering tools – virtually our entire range of metalworking equipment, including just about anything for a lathe or mill you could need – it will all be there at special show only prices. We will also have many brand new product lines on display for sale at the same time. Dates are 16th to 18th January 2015.

Keep up to date with Warco exhibitions here.

Warco machines at home in another new academy

We’ve always been passionate about education and the benefits of equipping a new generation with engineering skills, so some of our most rewarding work is working with schools and education facilities to supply ranges of machinery for students to learn from.

From small scale private training facilities to state of the art new build academies, we’ve been involved with projects at every end of the education spectrum and are proud to have been involved with all of them.

We recently supplied a range of machinery to another new facility, the WMG Academy in Coventry and the opening was covered in the Coventry Telegraph.

WMG Academy in Coventry
Nash Maliko and Engineering Technician Chris Parry in the WMG Academy
Warco Milling Machines in the classroom
Warco milling machines in the classroom. Photos credit: Coventry Telegraph

Read more: Coventry Telegraph on the new WMG Academy.

We were able to supply and install a range of machinery tailored around the very specific requirements of the teaching workshops and it was a really interesting project to be involved with.

The new state of the art facility will be teaching students vocational and practical skills, with the aim of boosting their future career prospects and gearing them up to work in industry. With a focus on the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing sectors, the academy is working in conjunction with the University of Warwick, as well as partners including Jaguar Land Rover.

Now that a new term has started, it’s great to hear that the machines we supplied to facilities over the school breakdown period are already being put to good use.

Full details of the academy can be found at wmgacademy.org.uk.

We’re highly aware safety is a paramount in a school or college environment, so we always specify stop switches, spindle brakes and other precautionary measures. Everything we supply is compliant with all the latest guidelines, and we work with highly qualified and talented individuals who are certified to handle any aspect of machine maintenance, safety and installation.

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Winter Open Day 2014

Update: We had a  fantastic turnout at this year’s Winter Open Day. Our thanks to all of our loyal customers and many new faces that made it down to us for the day. We’re already planning the next event for this Spring. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with the latest Open Day news on our Exhibitions page. Original post below.

Next up on the show calendar is the forthcoming Warco Open Day on November 8th 2014.


This show will feature our entire range of new metalworking machinery and tools, with just about everything at special show only prices, so it promises to be a good chance to pick up a bargain. There will be on site catering, free entry and the chance to check out all of our products in the flesh. In addition, we’ll have displays showcasing the large volume of new products we’ve been introducing to our range over the last few months. Find a preview of the new items on offer here.

As well as new tools, we’ll also have just about more used and ex demo tools than ever before. We regularly take machines in part exchange, take part in workshop clearances and have older showroom machines to offload, and they end up being offered for sale at our Open Days at low prices. There will be a barn full of used tools for sale, so if you’re after that elusive second hand deal the event could well  be well worth a trip.

The Warco Open Day is among our favourite events of the year, it’s a great chance for us to speak to some of our loyal customers in person, which is always welcome.

Address: Warco House, Fisher Lane, Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4RZ

Date: Saturday 8th November 2014. Opening times are 9am – 2pm.

Warco at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition

We’re currently gearing up for the largest Model Engineering show of this time of year over in the Midlands. This year’s show is particularly exciting for us as we’re bringing along more small tooling than ever before, and introducing more new products at any one show that we can remember. We’ve been busy over the summer expanding our range of rotary tables, introducing new polishers and grinders, along with our new GH550 lathe and more, there will be plenty to see on our stand at the show.


Best of all, we’ve got special show only prices on just about everything, so if you pay us a visit there’s a good chance of finding a good deal.

The show runs from Thursday 16th October to Sunday 19th October 2014. It’s open from  10.00am – 5.00pm daily (closing at 4:00pm on the Sunday).

The venue is: Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Fosse Way, Nr Leamington Spa CV31 1XN

Hopefully we’ll catch up with many for you there!

PS Next up the show calendar is the Warco Open Day in November. You can keep up to date with that and other forthcoming show on warco.co.uk.

Spring Open Day 2014

We’re currently gearing up for our first Open Day of 2014.

With more and a ton of new products coming out, the show will be a good chance to check out our products in the flesh and pick up tools at special show only prices. There will also be more second hand machinery and tools than ever.


As ever, our entire range of new products will be on display in our showroom, with plenty of show only discounts for customers who make it us. There will be an entire barn full of second hand machinery and quality used tools on offer.

The date is all set for 8th March 2014.

Opening times 9am – 2pm.

Find us at: Warco House, Fisher Lane, Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4TD