Warco lathes & mills in the news

It’s not all too often we get to see our machines on TV.

A little while ago, we posted about Speed with Guy Martin. This was an interesting story about his attempt to break the world record for speed on a bicycle. As part of the bike build process, we saw a couple of Warco machines being used on Channel 4.

More recently, Sky News reported on the achievements of UTC Warrington. This is a new University Technical College in north west England that specializes in gearing up students for the world of work, with the aim of inspiring technical careers.

Warco machinery on Sky News, footage kindly shared with us by UTC Warrington

To establish the new engineering workshops at the college, we were asked to equip the department with a range of Warco lathes and milling machines. This machinery would go on to be used in teaching to develop students’ practical engineering skills, and some of it can be seen in the Sky segment above.

UTC Warrington themselves also have videos of the department we were involved with, including some high quality drone footage featuring the building and teaching spaces. We’ve embedded a couple of their videos below.

Firstly here’s a brief clip which focuses on their engineering workshop.

A short video showing the engineering workshop at UTC Warrington

Finally we thought this was well worth sharing – it’s that drone footage filmed by the college, which gives a good insight into the facilities, including an overview of the equipment we installed in situ. (You can skip to about 1 minute in to see the inside building.)

Drone footage of the site including a view of the Warco lathes and milling machines

Read more about UTC Warrington on their main site utcw.co.uk.

For decades now we’ve been supplying machinery for education, but as well as undertaking large scale installations like the above, we also don’t consider any project too small. Often a starting point can be the purchase of a single machine or tool – so whatever the size of your next metalworking or engineering project, we will always be happy to help. You can find all our contact details here.

Warco WM 180 lathe unboxing video

We recently received some requests for a video of our WM 180 lathe, so with that in mind it was lucky a customer of ours shared with us footage of him taking one out of the box.

Warco WM 180 lathe. The compact design means it’s favoured by customers using one for smaller scale projects such as model engineering or general home workshop metalworking.

We thought it was a pretty good introduction to the machine, especially if you haven’t seen one in person yet. It’s only a few minutes long, you can check it out below.

We’re very fond of this machine. We first introduced it 20 years ago now as an entry level option and it’s fair to say it has long been amongst most popular small bench top lathes.

We regularly hear back positive reviews from our customers about WM 180s they bought from us over a decade ago still going strong today.

Ideally suited to smaller scale engineering projects, the compact size means it’s most often bought by folks using one as part of a home workshop such as model engineers and hobby metalworkers.

You can find the specs in full here: Warco WM 180 lathe.

Shown above is a newer addition to our range – the WM 180 offered with a 2 axis digital readout (DRO) system installed

Last updated: September 2021

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