Warco lathes for model engineering

We’ve been supplying lathes to model engineers for four decades now, and thought it was about time we created a new section of the site dedicated to lathes that are ideal for this purpose.  Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of customers create very impressive scale models of all descriptions using Warco machines, and we’re proud to have been involved in this constantly innovating field.

Model Engineering at Warco
A selection of steam powered models at Warco

Model engineering continues to be a massively popular hobby, appealing to all ages and levels of experience, and the turnout at exhibitions up and down the country just goes to show how it continues to go from strength to strength.

Steam power and model engineering at Warco
More steam powered engineering creations at Warco

We understand if you’re getting started with scale engineering it can be a bit of a minefield selecting the right machine, so with that in mind our new model engineering lathes subcategory aims to make the selection process a little easier. In this section, we’ve filtered out the industrial, larger sized machines more suited to heavy duty applications, instead showing only the best lathes for model engineering.

As with all the machines we sell, there are no hidden charges – all prices shown include VAT at 20% and UK mainland delivery.

From our new entry level favourite, the Warco Super Mini Lathe, to the WM 240B Lathe – offering traditional belt drive popular with old school engineers, right up to the fully equipped WM 280V or 290V, which offers high capacity, variable speed and just about everything you could want from a lathe at this level, we aim to cater to all budgets and experience levels.

Here’s to another 40 years of model engineering with Warco machines, we can’t wait to see what you build next! You can find our full range of lathes for model engineers by clicking below.

Model Engineering Lathes

Warco in 2012

We just wanted to take the opportunity to wish all our readers very Happy New Year. 

It’s been another big year for Warco, with the launch of our new website, the introduction of raft of new products, the Warco Open Weekend, a new woodworking brochure, and of course a range of machine tool installations provided across the country.

Warco will be temporarily closed for the holiday period from 23rd December, and we’ll re-open on 3rd January – so any online orders received during that period will be processed from the week beginning 3rd January.

Warco Lathe

2012 looks set to be another big year for us.  The first few months of the year will see the launch of two all new lathes, including the WM 250VF.  This lathe will come with a power cross feed as standard, and nicely fills the gap for those after a more affordable variable speed metalworking lathe, with only a slightly reduced capacity from the WM 280.  Next, we’re introducing the WM 240B. We regularly receive requests for the supply of belt drive lathes from our customers,  and this compact machine looks set to be popular. More details on both machines coming soon, so stay tuned.

Warco Open Days got increasingly popular in 2011, and we’re pleased to say there’ll be another one in March – we hope to see you there. And of course, we’ll be attending all the major  model engineering exhibitions in 2012.

We especially want to thank our customers for their continued support, and we look forward to another fresh year of continuing to provide our services to model engineers, industry and education. Wishing you all a great 2012.

New Warco woodworking brochure

We’ve just released an all new woodworking brochure. Featuring full colour pages, it’s packed with detailed information on every woodworking product we sell.

The brochure includes all new machinery such as a the Mini Wood Combination Machine, Mini Wood Lathe, a new range of woodturning drive centres and the all new Sliding Table Saw. Also featured are all the popular products that were already in our our woodworking machinery range, like the Planer Thicknesser, 1100 Lathes, Chisel Mortise Machines and Bandsaws – plus a large selection of machine tool accessories.

To download a copy now, see warco.co.uk. Or you’d like us to send you one, we can send anywhere in the UK for free –  just let us know your address details.

And of course you can find our full range of woodworking machinery online too.

Milling machine in focus – Warco VMC Turret Mill

Having focused on some of the key lathes we have for sale (including the WM 240, WM 250 and mini lathe), we wanted to share a little more about some of our milling machines, starting with the VMC Turret Mill.

The VMC has long been one of our most popular mills – and we have been happy to supply it for over 30 years now. In this time, it has remained virtually unchanged, which we believe is a testament to the strength of the design. As a traditional machine, extremely high levels of reliability are ensured. Schools, model engineers, industry and hobbyists are some of the people who’ve chosen a VMC from Warco.

Features include nine speeds, optional spindle taper (R8 or 3MT), choice of metric or imperial leadscrews, ensuring maximum flexibility. Elevating knee, supported on double dovetail vee ways to ensure positive alignment and the one shot lubrication system to slideways and leadscrews comes as standard, and ensures prolonged machine life. Standard accessories also include halogen lighting and stand – and we can also additionally supply an optional digital readout system, power feed and just about any tool you could need.

The head tilts left to right calibrated to 45°, as well as a 360° rotation on the horizontal axis. The head moves up and down on dovetails, so there is no radial movement when adjusting height meaning you won’t lose your position. Above all, this mill is compact, accurate, low cost, without compromising in any way on quality.

For full specification and more details, you can find the VMC Turret Milling Machine in our online shop.

Warco 1642 – Our top of the range wood turning machine

Update: Since this was originally posted, the machine detailed has been discontinued or superseded. Keep up to date with all the latest Warco lathes on warco.co.uk. Original archived post below.

Following on from our post detailing our range of 1100 Lathes, here are a few more details on our 1642 model.

Warco 1642 Wood Turning Lathe
Warco 1642 Wood Turning Lathe

This machine comes in a the top of the range for our wood lathes, featuring a high level of adjustability, reliability and quality. The 1642 has a variable speed inverter drive, and huge torque in the low speed setting facilitated by the powerful 1.1kw motor. To monitor performance and speed, a digital rev counter comes as standard.

Cast iron construction means maximum rigidity throughout, while the precision grounded bedways ensure a high level of accuracy at all speeds. The head rotates, with index locations at 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 270° and 360°, while the tailstock, tool rest and head all have lever cam action locks for fast positive locking.

Accessories supplied with the lathe include a faceplate as well as both revolving and drive centres. We also supply a full range of spares and accessories for this machine, such as chisels, centres and a huge variety of additional tools.

Here are a few pictures of this Warco lathe in action at a recent Open Weekend.

For full details including all specifications, you can find the Warco 1642 in our online shop.

The Warco 1100 range of wood turning lathes

Update: Since this was first posted the machines detailed have been discontinued or superseded. The best way to keep up to date with all the latest Warco lathes is warco.co.uk. Original archived post below.

After sharing a few insights and offers for some Warco metal working machines, we thought it was time to focus on our range of wood working lathes.  Our selection of woodturning lathes are very competitively priced (starting at just £275) and have proven to be extremely popular in recent years.

Our key range is centred on the Warco wood lathe models 1100, 1100A, 1100B and 1642.

Our most affordable lathe yet is the 1100.  This machine features a reliable and proven variomatic drive, and a four prong drive centre.  For high levels of flexibility, the head rotates 90° to allow large diameter turning in front of the bed.  There is a 150mm face plate, and furthermore a 300mm tool rest pivots for turning over bed or for large diameter turning when the head is rotated.

Warco 1100 Wood Lathe

The 1100 is also available with a cast iron stand in the form of the 1100A.

The 1100B features the reliable and proven variomatic drive system, rotating and indexable head to accommodate large diameter blow work over bed front, 300mm tool rest pivots to facilitate turning over bed and in front of bed, and 150mm face plate.

What differentiates the 1100B from the 1100 or 1100A is a larger centre height and larger turning diameter over bed, so this machine is ideally suited to larger wood turning tasks.  The 1100B is twice as powerful as its 1100 counterpart (the motor is 1,100w versus 550w).

What we believe sets our wood lathes apart from alternatives is our price and range of accessories. Because we source directly, we have been able to cut out the middle man and offer these machines at low prices.

When it comes to woodturning lathe tools, every accessory you could possibly need we can supply, including essentials such as chucks, drive centres and chisels.

Remember too that all prices we quote included VAT and delivery.  If you’re interested in placing an order, please don’t hesitate to phone us on 01428 682929, or by visiting our online shop at warco.co.uk – or jump straight to the wood working section of our online shop.

Warco WM 240 metal lathe in detail

This is an archived post. For all the latest on this machine including up to date specification, please see warco.co.uk. Original post below.

We wanted to share a few more details about the Warco WM 240 Lathe.  As part of our range of variable speed lathes, this machine features the top build quality our range has become well known for.

The lathe features two speed bands to allow torque in the lower speeds, and is infinitely variable from from 0 – 2000 rpm.  The machine has an integral double vee bedway, which is hardened and ground to ensure maximum stability, durability and reliability.  Furthermore, the lathe is equipped with a precision spindle supported on taper roller bearings, adjustable gibs to slide ways, threading facility and reversible motor, all for ensure maximum flexibility.

There is an off set facility to the tailstock, and the tailstock quill is engraved with both metric and imperial, plus it offers metric and imperial thread cutting.  The WM 240 also has a large cross slide, with two full length tee slots.

As comes standard with every new Warco machine, individual accuracy test reports are supplied with each WM 240.

Finally, as standard the machine comes generously equipped.  Included with each and every machine is a swarf tray, rear splash guard, face plate, three jaw self centre chuck with inside and outside jaws, four jaw independent chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, and two dead centres.

For full details click here to see the lathe in our online shop.

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Warco mill – WM16 milling machine

Update: This is now an archived post, for the most up to date product details and to view the rest of our mill range, please see warco.co.uk.

Along with our last blog post which outlined a special offer on the Warco WM 250 Metal Lathe, we want to share details of  of the Warco WM16 Milling Machine to which it is perfectly suited.

Warco Milling Machine WM16

As part of our range of milling machines, the WM16 has long proven highly popular.  Exceptional Warco build quality comes as standard, and for no extra charge a drill chuck and arbor, as well as drawbars are included.

It’s a very versatile machine, variable from 50-2,250 rpm, adjustable gibs to slideways, reversible motor and locks to head, column and slideways.  Furthermore, the dovetail column ensures positive head location, the precision spindle is supported on taper roller bearings and the head tilts to plus or minus 90 degrees.

As standard, each machine comes with an individual test report is and a full 12 month warranty for peace of mind.

For full specification and more details, you can find the WM16 product page in our online shop.

Warco WM 250 metal lathe

Update: This is an archived post. For the most up to date details on this lathe and the rest of the range, please see warco.co.uk. Original post below.

We thought we’d share a little more info on the WM 250 lathe.

Warco Metal Lathe WM-250

Our popular variable speed metal lathe comes with Warco’s renowned quality as standard.  Features include two speed bands to allow maximum torque in the lower speeds, wide variation from 50 – 2,500 RPM and a reversible motor.  Available in either metric or imperial, this lathe is ideally suited to the model engineer, school or professional alike.  The lathe has a double vee bedway which is hardened and ground, and the precision spindle is supported on taper roller bearings.  Adjustability levels on this lathe are high, with adjustable gibs to slideways, a reversible motor, offset facility to tailstock and reversible leadscrew for left hand threading.

Warco WM-250 Metal Lathe

Standard equipment (none of which we will charge any extra for) includes swarf tray, rear splash guard, face plate, three jaw self centre chuck with inside and outside jaws, four jaw independent chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, safe interlock chuck guard and two dead centres.

For full specification on this machine, please see the Warco WM 250 Metal Lathe on our main site, and if you have any questions or are interested in placing an order, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The WM 250 is ideally suited for use with the Warco WM16 Milling Machine.

Warco WM-250 Variable Speed Metal Lathe
Warco WM 250 Variable Speed Metal Lathe

Metal lathe in focus – Warco 918

Update: This is now an archived post from 2010, we’ve since discontinued this machine. For the most up to date details on our current product range, please see warco.co.uk.

The belt drive metalworking lathe that superseded the 918 is the Warco WM 240B. This machine offers upgrades such as increased capacity, induction hardened and ground bedways, much more powerful motor and now proven long term reliability just like its predecessor. The WM 240B still has the traditional belt drive system that the 918 had, meaning it will be just as familiar to many of our customers that started out on a vintage or antique lathe like a Myford Seven.

In addition, there is also the rest of the Warco WM series to consider. These are variable speed lathes, meaning they have the convenience of electronic speed control. This group ranges from the WM 180 through to WM 290V, so we can offer machines to match just about all requirements and budgets.

Original post below.

Continuing with our current feature showcasing some of our most popular products, we’re going to share a little more information about the 918.

Originally introduced by Warco all the way back in 1985, this is one of our longest running products.  In all that time, it’s never changed in any significant way – the 918 was designed and built right in the first place.

This is an entry level metal turning machine with a traditional design. As with our other long standing machines such as the VMC and Major milling machines, we still get feedback from customers who originally purchased one back in the 1980s to let us know that the same machine is still going strong now!  A simple but reliable belt change system, long term stability and durability is ensured by taper roller spindle bearings. It’s also fitted with a Norton gearbox, which reduces the number of change gears.

Machines are supplied with a selection of accessories including chucks, faceplate, toolpost, travelling steady, tool box and maintenance tools – everything you need to get going.

Plus – as with all Warco machines bought from us direct – you will receive an individual accuracy test report unique to each machine, full instruction manual, free UK mainland delivery, our unbeatable guarantee, and the peace of mind of knowing you can rely on us as the long standing company that has been supporting engineers at all levels since the 1970s.

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