An installation with Warco lathes and milling machines

Something we are always keen to see is when our machines are used in education and training as we are firm believers in the importance of teaching practical engineering, design and technology skills. In recent years it’s been great to see that alongside more traditional academic subjects, there has been a renewed focus on more vocational qualifications.

We are sure that the teaching taking place in a range of schools, academies and colleges up and down the country, as well as investment in apprenticeships, will go a long way to help create the next generation of engineers.

We are now almost in our fifth decade of supplying training facilities of all kinds, but there was one in particular we wanted to briefly look back on in this post.

A little while ago we were asked by Riverside College in Cheshire, England to provide them with some metalworking machines.

Riverside College have become renowned for further education in the UK, winning some prestigious education accreditations including the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Gold award in recognition of their commitment to teaching and student outcomes.

Most notably, Riverside has also been voted top further education college in the vocational sector by the Department for Education. That’s number one in the whole country – and they continued to be ranked in that position for four years running.

We supplied and installed a range of equipment as part of an all new department, here’s a few pics to show how it turned out.

Warco Major GH milling machines
A line up of Warco Major GH milling machines
Warco machines in the classroom
The layout was carefully considered, with machines grouped by section and neatly separated to allow for plenty of teaching and student space.
A row of Warco GH1322 lathes
The metal turning section of the classroom and row of Warco GH1322 lathes.

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Warco machine installation at Prospects College

Prospects College asked us to supply and fit a large workshop as part of their building of a training centre. As one of the most prominent providers of vocational training in South East, Prospects have over 40 years experience of working in partnership with businesses, delivering a range of innovative training courses to meet the skill requirements for the community. We were happy to equip a large setting providing the tools needed for a range of engineering apprenticeships and vocation training.

We offered a fitting that was uniquely tailored to their requirements. Here are some details of the installation.

A range of Warco milling machines loaded onto a truck for delivery
Another truck loaded with mills about to leave for Prospects
Warco milling machines
The milling machines and lathes are all set up and in place after a bespoke Warco installation.
Another angle of the mills in the classroom
The end result with machines ready to use

Now those machines are all being used intensively on a daily basis – training a new generation of future engineers. At Warco we don’t consider any project too large or small, and are always happy to offer a bespoke quote centred around your requirements – whether you’re looking to update a garden shed workshop or want machines for a large scale installation in an industry or education setting.

You can find our full product range on the Warco site, and please feel free to let us know if you have an enquiry or if you’re after a specific quote.

Warco machines at home in another new academy

We’ve always been passionate about education and the benefits of equipping a new generation with engineering skills, so some of our most rewarding work is working with schools and education facilities to supply ranges of machinery for students to learn from.

From small scale private training facilities to state of the art new build academies, we’ve been involved with projects at every end of the education spectrum and are proud to have been involved with all of them.

We recently supplied a range of machinery to another new facility, the WMG Academy in Coventry and the opening was covered in the Coventry Telegraph.

WMG Academy in Coventry
Nash Maliko and Engineering Technician Chris Parry in the WMG Academy
Warco Milling Machines in the classroom
Warco milling machines in the classroom. Photos credit: Coventry Telegraph

Read more: Coventry Telegraph on the new WMG Academy.

We were able to supply and install a range of machinery tailored around the very specific requirements of the teaching workshops and it was a really interesting project to be involved with.

The new state of the art facility will be teaching students vocational and practical skills, with the aim of boosting their future career prospects and gearing them up to work in industry. With a focus on the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing sectors, the academy is working in conjunction with the University of Warwick, as well as partners including Jaguar Land Rover.

Now that a new term has started, it’s great to hear that the machines we supplied to facilities over the school breakdown period are already being put to good use.

Full details of the academy can be found at

We’re highly aware safety is a paramount in a school or college environment, so we always specify stop switches, spindle brakes and other precautionary measures. Everything we supply is compliant with all the latest guidelines, and we work with highly qualified and talented individuals who are certified to handle any aspect of machine maintenance, safety and installation.

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Warco JCB Academy

Following on from our post detailing the Warco installation of lathes & milling machines at Prospects College, we’d like to share some details of another comprehensive machine tool set up we provided at the JCB Academy in Staffordshire.

Firstly, a quick bit of background about the JCB Academy. It’s an all new centre for developing a new generation of engineers and future business leaders, offering a wide range of practical vocational courses – all backed by the central principle of learning by doing.  

The JCB building was originally a mill, built in the late 18th Century by the famous industrial entrepreneur and engineer Richard Arkwright. It went on to be completely transformed as part of the JCB project, and is now a state of the art educational centre for 21st Century students studying business and engineering.

Above: Students on a Warco Lathe, photo from The Guardian

As part of the process of establishing the facilities, we were were asked to equip large scale workshops in keeping with the JCB Academy’s aim of creating a truly renowned learning centre for engineering. They were after workshops fully equipped for work on real-life engineering projects, and we were happy to provide a completely bespoke installation of Warco machinery.

Here are some photos of Warco machines in place just after being fitted and installed. Note that rather than the usual Warco green, as part of the request we supplied all machinery in bespoke JCB themed colours.

The range of machinery we supplied and handled all aspects of installation for included:

JCB Academy was officially opened by The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, you can read more about the opening on the BBC news site here. It’s now in its second academic year of training a new generation of engineers and business leaders – something we’re proud to have been a part of.

For further reading about the scale of the project, there was an interesting article published in Technology In Education magazine which we’ve included below.

Article about JCB Academy and Warco machines
Technology In Education article about JCB Academy opening and Warco machinery.