Classic cars and Warco machines

Over the years we’ve heard from many of our customers using Warco machines as part of a classic car rebuild and it’s something we love to be a part of.

We’ve seen some stunning rebuilds take place, and in this sector customers we’ve supplied have varied from folks restoring a car at home, to global businesses like Jaguar Land Rover Classic using our equipment as part of volume production.

For many vintage vehicles, some parts have long since become obsolete, meaning sometimes the only solution is to get the part made or have a go at making it yourself. That’s where we can help.

Milling machines are a key part of engine building of course, for example when it comes to boring cylinder heads. For classic motorcycle enthusiasts, a lathe can be an important part of the arsenal when it comes to keeping a bike on the road. Another key type of tooling that can required by car builders is sheet metal machinery, with metal forming and fabrication often an essential part of bodywork.

Warco products were mentioned in a couple of car magazines we wanted to share briefly in this post.

Practical Performance Car caters to the motor enthusiast looking for a cost effective way to achieve, as you’d expect, performance. As part of an issue not too long ago they did a feature highlighting Warco milling machines.

The magazine is one of the leading monthly tuning publications, and has a wide array of features dedicated to getting the most out of a motor.

Land Rover Monthly is the bible for followers of the legendary British 4×4. Packed with technical knowhow and practical guides to working on the Landy, they recently did a comparison review of sheet metal folders.

As part of the test, we were honoured to see that our 24″ Box & Pan Folder was awarded Pro Choice by the magazine. We must emphasize that neither of these appearances were paid for features, and to Land Rover Monthly’s absolute credit they ran their own fully independent comparison.

“Pro quality with stability and accuracy”

Land Rover Monthly review of the Warco Box & Pan Folder

You can read their full verdict in the image above.

Both magazines strongly endorse the DIY approach when it comes to mechanics, and the idea that it’s possible for any of their readers to take on many of the challenges that go along with vehicle improving, restoring and rebuilding. We’re also firm believers that with the right pointers, including from how-tos in mags like this, virtually anyone can equip themselves with some of the spannering skills that go along with keeping a classic motor on the road.