Warco machine installation at Prospects College

Prospects College asked us to supply and install a large workshop as part of a new training centre they were building. As one of the most prominent providers of vocational training in the South East, Prospects have over 40 years experience in education.

They have an innovative approach to teaching which involves working in partnership with businesses, which enables them to deliver a range of unique training courses tailored to match the skill requirements of industry.

One focus of the college in particular is engineering, and as part of this they approached us to see if we could help. We were able to work with them to offer a fitting that was tailored to meet their very specific requirements, involving equipping a set of workshops with a range of Warco machinery and tools.

We’ve added a few pics of the installation below.

A range of Warco milling machines loaded onto a truck for delivery.
Another truck loaded with mills about to leave for Prospects.
Warco milling machines
The milling machines and lathes are all set up and in place after our installation.
Note the guards fitted to the mills, we offer these as part of our safety measures for education customers.
The end result with the workshops fully equipped and machines all ready to use.

Now those machines are being used intensively on a regular basis, helping with the teaching of engineering apprenticeships and hopefully training a new generation of future engineers.

At Warco we don’t consider any project too large or small, and are always happy to offer advice or a bespoke quote centred around your requirements. So whether you’re looking to update a garden shed workshop or are after some machines for a large scale installation – and anything in between – we’ll be happy to help.

You can find our full product range on the Warco site, and if you have any questions or are after a quote, please feel free to get in touch.

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