Warco machines at home in another new academy

We’ve always been strong believers in the benefits of equipping a new generation with engineering skills, so some of our most rewarding work is working with schools and education facilities to supply ranges of machinery for students to learn from.

From small scale private training facilities to state of the art new build academies, we’ve been involved with projects at every end of the education spectrum and are proud to have been involved with all of them.

We recently supplied a range of machinery to an all new facility, the WMG Academy in Coventry.

WMG Academy in Coventry
Nash Maliko and Engineering Technician Chris Parry in the WMG Academy
Warco Milling Machines in the classroom
Warco milling machines in the classroom. Photos credit: Coventry Telegraph

The opening was covered in the Coventry Telegraph.

This new state of the art facility will be teaching students vocational and practical skills, with the aim of boosting future career prospects and gearing up students to work in industry. With a focus on the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing sectors, the academy is working in conjunction with the University of Warwick as well as partners including Jaguar Land Rover and Bosch.

We were able to supply and install a range of machinery tailored around the very specific requirements of the teaching workshops and it was a really interesting project to be involved with.

Now that a new term has started, it’s great to hear that the machines we supplied over the school breakdown period are already being put to good use.

Full details of the academy can be found at wmgacademy.org.uk.

We’re highly aware safety is a paramount in a school or college environment, so we always specify stop switches, spindle brakes and other precautionary measures. Everything we supply is fully endorsed and follows all the latest guidelines, and we work with highly qualified and talented individuals who are certified to handle any aspect of machine maintenance, safety and installation.

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