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Warco JCB Academy

August 15, 2013

Following on from our post detailing tbe Warco installation of lathe & milling machines  at Prospects College, we’re looking back on details of another comprehensive machine tool set up we provided at the JCB Academy in Staffordshire.

First off, a little background about the JCB Academy. It’s an all new centre for developing a new generation of engineers and future business leaders and offers a wide range of practical vocational courses, all backed with the central principle of learning by doing.  The JCB building was originally a mill,  built by the famous industrial entrepreneur and engineer Richard Arkwright in the late 18th Century, and went on to be completely transformed into a state of the art educational centre for 21st century students of engineering and business.

Above: Students on a Warco Lathe, photo from The Guardian

As part of the process of establishing the unrivalled facilities, we were were asked to equip large scale workshops tying in with the Academy’s aim of creating a truly 21st century learning centre for engineering.  The JCB Academy asked for workshops fully equipped for work on real-life engineering projects, and we were happy to provide a completely bespoke installation of Warco machinery.

Here are some photos of Warco machines in place just after being fitted and installed. Note that rather than the usual Warco green and yellow, as requested all machinery was supplied in bespoke JCB themed colours.

The comprehensive range of machinery we supplied and handled all aspects of installation for included the following: 15 GH1440 Lathes, 7 GH1330 Lathes, 6 4VS Turret Mills, 10 DT16 Bench Mouting Drills, 11 DT25 Floor Standing Drills, a variety of metal cutting bandsaws and a range of woodworking machinery.

For further reading about the scale of the project, there’s an interesting article by Technology In Education magazine.

JCB Academy was officially opened by Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall (you can read more about the opening here and here), and is now in its second academic year of training a new generation of engineers and business leaders – something we’re proud to have been a part of.

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