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Introducing All New Warco Lathes

June 13, 2012

2012 has shaped up to be a particularly busy year at Warco so far.  We’ve revamped our product range, have a raft of new products on the way and perhaps one of the most significant changes has been the additions to our lathe lineup.

Warco Lathes for Sale

The revamped Warco lathe lineup

This year so far has seen a total of five new metal lathes joining our range – a mixture of new and improved specifications on existing machines, as well as all new machines that now fill in the gaps in our metalworking range.  From smallest to largest, here’s a run down of the all new additions to our range.  (See our next forthcoming blog post for a full introduction to one of the new machines we’re most excited about – the Super Mini Lathe)

WM 240B Lathe

Warco 240B Lathe

For years now we’ve noticed increasing demand for a compact belt drive lathe, finding that many of our customers prefer the more straightforward belt driven mechanism for their metal turning needs. With that in mind, the WM 240B is our answer to all of those requests.  Based on our popular existing variable speed machine, the regular WM-240, the new WM 240B still features exceptional Warco quality as standard, comes with a large range of standard equipment, full 12 month guarantee and as many features including a hardened and ground double vee bedway. The key difference with the 240B is that speed selection is by belt change, which we’ve found to be a long since in demand alternative to more the more commonly seen variable speed.

WM250 VF

Warco WM250-VF Lathe

We’ve found the WM 250 has been a long term favourite with hobbyists / model engineers and professionals alike – particularly those in the market for a relatively compact machine with absolutely no compromise on rigidity, accuracy and robustness. We considered the difficult question of how the WM-250 could be in any way improved upon as part of a revamped range, and found an answer with the addition of a power cross feed.  The WM250 VF has a high level of power and flexibility, with the added bonus of this all new power cross feed, which we supply fitted to the machine – so as always with our machinery, once it arrives simply power it up and away you go. You can rest assured our team of engineers will have already set up and tested the machine before it gets to you. Overall then, an extremely versatile machine, the 250-VF also features a powerful 900W motor, huge torque in the low speed range, and at this price point offers superb accuracy, precision and build quality.


Warco GH1232 Lathe

We’re reintroducing the GH1232 with the all new addition of a digital readout counter as standard. This gear head lead still features induction hardened and ground bedways, a high tensile cast iron bed and the highest levels of quality that ensured its long term popularity with industry, tool shops and schools/colleges alike. As an upgrade to the previous specification, now each one has the bonus of a coolant system too – as well as a huge range of standard equipment, providing everything needed to get started with professional level metal turning on an extremely robust and high precision heavy duty lathe.


How to buy?

View these machines along with our complete range of metal lathes for sale in our online shop, where you can also find full specifications and dimensions of each one.  If you’re interested in any of these lathes but find they’re currently out of stock on our site, that just means we’re expecting a new batch soon to meet demand, so stay tuned.

And if you like, you can always place a pre-order to ensure you’re towards the front of the queue when we restock,  with no payment in advance required – simply call us on 01428 682929.

Alternatively, when an item’s in stock you can always simply order securely online.
And however you choose to buy, remember we don’t believe in hidden charges – all machine prices include UK mainland delivery and VAT at 20%.

Update: The Warco GH1232 has now been superseded by the GH1236 – which now offers even higher specification including increased distance between centres. The WM250 VF has seen many improvements too, with a larger motor and more. For the most up to date specification on these and all of our lathes, see

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