New Warco woodworking brochure

We’ve just released an all new woodworking brochure. Featuring full colour pages, it’s packed with detailed information on every woodworking product we sell.

The brochure includes all new machinery such as a the Mini Wood Combination Machine, Mini Wood Lathe, a new range of woodturning drive centres and the all new Sliding Table Saw. Also featured are all the popular products that were already in our our woodworking machinery range, like the Planer Thicknesser, 1100 Lathes, Chisel Mortise Machines and Bandsaws – plus a large selection of machine tool accessories.

To download a copy now, see Or you’d like us to send you one, we can send anywhere in the UK for free –  just let us know your address details.

And of course you can find our full range of woodworking machinery online too.