Milling machine in focus – Warco VMC Turret Mill

Having focused on some of the key lathes we have for sale (including the WM 240, WM 250 and mini lathe), we wanted to share a little more about some of our milling machines, starting with the VMC Turret Mill.

The VMC has long been one of our most popular mills – and we have been happy to supply it for over 30 years now. In this time, it has remained virtually unchanged, which we believe is a testament to the strength of the design. As a traditional machine, extremely high levels of reliability are ensured. Schools, model engineers, industry and hobbyists are some of the people who’ve chosen a VMC from Warco.

Features include nine speeds, optional spindle taper (R8 or 3MT), choice of metric or imperial leadscrews, ensuring maximum flexibility. Elevating knee, supported on double dovetail vee ways to ensure positive alignment and the one shot lubrication system to slideways and leadscrews comes as standard, and ensures prolonged machine life. Standard accessories also include halogen lighting and stand – and we can also additionally supply an optional digital readout system, power feed and just about any tool you could need.

The head tilts left to right calibrated to 45°, as well as a 360° rotation on the horizontal axis. The head moves up and down on dovetails, so there is no radial movement when adjusting height meaning you won’t lose your position. Above all, this mill is compact, accurate, low cost, without compromising in any way on quality.

For full specification and more details, you can find the VMC Turret Milling Machine in our online shop.

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