Lathe photography

We recently started a photography group for lathes on Flickr, and some of the latest additions to the group have really impressed us. The following images added to are all from the Library of Congress in Washington DC, and feature workers on lathes from the early 1940s in North America.

This was of course the height of World War II and these images are a fascinating insight into the industry taking place as part of the war effort.

The above image is from 1942 and taken by photographer Howard Hollem. It shows a lathe operator machining parts for transport planes at the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation plant in Fort Worth, Texas. This formed part of a series of photos showing workers using machinery during WW2.

We loved this set of pics, a really interesting historical insight. For more details on each image, these photos and more can be found on the Flickr profile of the Library of Congress.

Another interesting photo that popped up in the group was the below HDR capture by Frank C. Grace.

To see these images in full, as well as some other really interesting pics, you can find the lathe photography group via our profile here: Warco Flickr.

(We also embedded some of our own Flickr pics below giving you the option of scrolling through those without leaving the blog.)

Warco WM 290V lathe