The Warco 1100 range of wood turning lathes

Update: Since this was first posted the machines detailed have been discontinued or superseded. The best way to keep up to date with all the latest Warco lathes is Original archived post below.

After sharing a few insights and offers for some Warco metal working machines, we thought it was time to focus on our range of wood working lathes.  Our selection of woodturning lathes are very competitively priced (starting at just £275) and have proven to be extremely popular in recent years.

Our key range is centred on the Warco wood lathe models 1100, 1100A, 1100B and 1642.

Our most affordable lathe yet is the 1100.  This machine features a reliable and proven variomatic drive, and a four prong drive centre.  For high levels of flexibility, the head rotates 90° to allow large diameter turning in front of the bed.  There is a 150mm face plate, and furthermore a 300mm tool rest pivots for turning over bed or for large diameter turning when the head is rotated.

Warco 1100 Wood Lathe

The 1100 is also available with a cast iron stand in the form of the 1100A.

The 1100B features the reliable and proven variomatic drive system, rotating and indexable head to accommodate large diameter blow work over bed front, 300mm tool rest pivots to facilitate turning over bed and in front of bed, and 150mm face plate.

What differentiates the 1100B from the 1100 or 1100A is a larger centre height and larger turning diameter over bed, so this machine is ideally suited to larger wood turning tasks.  The 1100B is twice as powerful as its 1100 counterpart (the motor is 1,100w versus 550w).

What we believe sets our wood lathes apart from alternatives is our price and range of accessories. Because we source directly, we have been able to cut out the middle man and offer these machines at low prices.

When it comes to woodturning lathe tools, every accessory you could possibly need we can supply, including essentials such as chucks, drive centres and chisels.

Remember too that all prices we quote included VAT and delivery.  If you’re interested in placing an order, please don’t hesitate to phone us on 01428 682929, or by visiting our online shop at – or jump straight to the wood working section of our online shop.

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  1. This is a wonderful lathe capable of producing beautiful things, I dont own this one personally but I do own another Warco lathe and they are a great company

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